Constitutionally Correct is the host to Constitution Party Talk Radio. During this show, Randy will be interviewing people and talking about the issues as they directly relate to the Constitution Party. In this episode: We talk about the National Veterans’ Coalition (NVC) and many other issues surrounding our veterans. My special guest is Larry Breazeale, head of the Constitution Party’s NVC. Larry is a retired USAF Security Forces, Msgt(E7) with 26.5 years total service. He served in combat in Vietnam (Bien Hoa) in 1968-1969, airbase ground defense and in Desert Storm in 1991 – 100 miles south of Kuwait. Larry is also a retired Deputy Sheriff from LASD, with 27 years service. His Political activities include running for the California State Legislature twice, once in ‘74 and ‘76, on the American Independent Party (California affiliate of the Taxpayer 's party or what became the eventual Constitution party). Both races, he received about 5% of the vote.   The shows are recorded live for later rebroadcast and if you would like to listen to the live show or participate by asking questions or making comments, you can do so one of two ways: Call-in: (646) 716-5522 or Log-in: Additional Blog Talk information: There is a live chat forum that is available during the show, but you have to have a BlogTalkRadio account to be able to participate. You can use Skype to login to the show. Once you are on the live broadcast you can click on the Skype button. You can also “follow” the show and receive email reminders about the next show that is coming up by clicking on the follow button located below the show’s picture in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

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