Constitutionally Correct PodCastles is a combined effort between Constitutionally Correct, hosted by Randy Stufflebeam and Darrell Castle who creates three podcasts every week.  So every week we will take one of the three segments and devote it to one of the podcasts that was created in the previous week. The “Podcastles” covered in this episode are: Guest Host – Cynthia Davis** 1)     Cyprus Tells Eurocrats – No Thanks Cynthia & Darrell talk about the Cypriot legislature’s rejection of a bailout proposal by the EU, the ECB and the IMF in which depositor accounts would have been taxed in return for bailing out Cypriot banks 2)     Panic In Cyprus Cynthia & Darrell talk about the European Union’s ultimatum to Cyprus to raise 5.8 billion Euros by Monday or they will allow the Cypriot banks to collapse 3)     Looking On The Bright Side Cynthia & Darrelle discuss comments recently made by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Texas Governor Rick Perry The shows are recorded live for later rebroadcast and if you would like to listen to the live show or participate by asking questions or making comments, you can do so one of two ways: Call-in: (646) 716-5522 or Log-in: Additional Blog Talk information: There is a live chat forum that is available during the show, but you have to have a BlogTalkRadio account to be able to participate. You can use Skype to login to the show. Once you are on the live broadcast you can click on the Skype button. You can also “follow” the show and receive email reminders about the next show that is coming up by clicking on the follow button located below the show’s picture in the upper right-hand corner of the page. All of the podcasts that Darrell creates is archived at and you can listen to them there. **  Cynthia Davis is a former State Representative from Missouri, who ran for Missouri Lt. Governor in 2012 as a Constitution Party candidate.

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